Boom beach game review by Vivsin

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Boom Beach is a fun world war two esque military strategy game made by Supercell the creators of wildly successful Clash of Clans a very similar game and Clash Royale a tower defense card game crossbreed. This freemium multiplayer experience features fun archipelago elements with real time land base building and combat as well as interesting naval combat. Players collect resources in order to build up their offensive and defensive capabilities and battle other players ( use astuce boom beach to get quickly a lot of free resources ). In this game Supercell has stuck to their original formula, maintaining a similar time based economy that keeps players coming back for multiple reasons, such as collecting their resources or battling for daily bonuses. Despite this game being free to play though there is a pay to win element that allows players who want to skip timers and gain resources faster. This is counterbalanced through a ranking system that only allows players of similar score to fight each other meaning that you won’t often need to fight someone who paid to be much stronger than you which can be a frustrating pivot point in freemium games. Multiplayer combat is approached the same way as clash of clans with some interesting mutations from the original formula. In Boom Beach you can send your upgradeable troops via landing craft to beaches along the edge of your opponents island which then depending on type will approach different areas of your opponents island. You cannot directly control your troops but you can fire “flares” from your ship which is based off the coast of the island. Your ship also allows you to use other abilities which you can over time via upgrades such as artillery. This style of combat is simple in the early stages of play, but as you progress and gain access to new units and upgrades becomes quite complex and requires some thinking before you approach. As for your base, resource gathering is the most important thing as you will need these resources to maintain and improve upon your base. In addition to resource gathering you will need defensive buildings so that enemies cannot destroy your Headquarters all of which will need to be placed strategically in order to outwit and outgun your opponent. All in all this game is fun and well worth playing with interesting game mechanics and is very high quality considering you don’t even need to spend a single penny.