android and ios mobile strike hack and cheats

You are the head of your nation determined to increase the reserves you have for raw materials and make your territorial possessions even more. The conflict in mobile strike is created and fuels by pure lust. The lust and greedy for resources and wealth mixed in with the need to acquire new territories. You have the ability to build your army from the 16 different units available. Each of the different armies you create will have completely different and unique strengths and attributes. The game does not make it easy for you to make your army big though. You have to learn to start small with a small army at first and a tiny barrack to host them. With time however and with enough resources, you will be able to create an impregnable fortress and get the territories of your enemies with much smaller armies. With good strategies and sufficiently filled reserves,. You will be able to make more offensive measures and defeat the enemies who are out to get everything you have and your head too. As a player you have the option to take different angles to help you defeat enemies, get higher scores and make new strike

As you may have noted from the brief description of the game, resources are critical to help you grow and defeat enemies. The biggest resource in the game is gold. Like money in real life, one can never have enough of the gold. Unlike most of the other android games, mobile strike resources are scarce and they push you to a corner and maybe even make you a bit insane trying to make them work. Mobile strike cheats are your best bet to finding easier ways to acquire this important resource. You should be cautious with using the tools online as most of them are just out to infiltrate your system with malware and others may get you banned from playing the game as part of the terms and c

mobile strike

onditions of the game. Here are safer cheats and hacks that will get you a bit more gold.

Be part of a team

In nation building, being part of a team makes it more fun, faster and you can merge resources. This is perhaps why this is the first tip for anyone looking for mobile strike cheats for android. The game gives you bonus gold when you join an alliance and work as a team to build your army barracks and any other buildings. Working with a team makes the game more fun as you have people to talk to. You will also be able to reach your objectives faster and unlock stages too. It is also beneficial because when your alliance mate buys anything from the app, everyone gets rewarded.

Attack people who have quit

Although the game is new in the market right now, you can still find people who have quit playing. Attacking such people gives you quicker profits without you risking being attacked back and destroyed.

Tell people on facebook

The game gives you a little gold mine when you tell people on facebook about the app. You can gift the gold to alliance mates and friends.


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